Road Runner’s Auto-renewal Practice Challenged in Court

Were You Unexpectedly Charged for a Road Runner Sports VIP Membership?

Although the Road Runner Sports VIP membership may be a good option for some consumers, others have complained that they are charged for a membership without knowing it or that they did not get any notice that their membership would be renewed.

Auto-renewal services have been controversial with many consumers. They’re used to sell a host of different products like magazines and amusement park tickets.  They can cause a headache when a consumer discovers a seemingly unexplained charge in relation to a membership they thought was canceled or only a one time charge.

Online forums show posts from consumers who were allegedly shocked by “mysterious” charges for a Road Runner membership despite not having purchased anything from the retailer in years. Some consumers speculate that VIP memberships were purchased without customers knowing that the memberships would renew annually. Other consumers maintain that they “never” authorized a VIP membership to be charged to their payment card.

“This is straight up credit card fraud – I NEVER authorized this charge to be taken from my account,” one consumer writes on the Better Business Bureau website. “This company has been stealing money from it’s customers for years and continue to do so in spite of receiving numerous complaints.”

In certain cases, consumers have been able to contact Road Runner to have their membership cancelled. Other consumers have reportedly had issues with cancelling the auto renewal service. Some consumers have allegedly contacted the store several times in order to have their membership refunded, only to wait days to be contacted. Several other customers have complained about the call line’s customer service, calling the representatives “very rude.”

Customers have reportedly had to work with their bank to get the membership charges deemed fraudulent and to eventually get a refund the hard way.

Overall, many customers are frustrated about their experienced with the Road Runner membership charges. Online forums contain messages from consumers calling the issue a “scam” and demanding their money back. Other consumers argue that the retailer is “fraudulently” and “criminally” charging credit cards without authorization.

Consumers may have legal standing to seek compensation for deceptive auto renewal terms and other offenses.

Consumers have complained that they were charged for a Road Runner Sports VIP membership even though they did not sign up for that service.

What is Road Runner Sports VIP Membership?

Road Runner Sports touts itself as the “World’s Largest Running & Walking Store,” offering a variety of products such as shoes, apparel, accessories, and nutrition products.

Customers have the option to enroll for a Road Runner Sports VIP membership. This membership reportedly offers 15 percent in VIP benefits, equaling 10 percent instant savings and 5 percent back in rewards cash. Members get a variety of other benefits such as a 90 day test run option, free shipping, exclusive sales, family benefit sharing, and more.

The membership is reportedly available for the price of $39.99 a year, according to the terms and conditions. Memberships are reportedly renewed annually but consumers can cancel their membership at any time.

If you purchased a Road Runner VIP Membership, you may qualify to join this Road Runner auto-renewal class action:


Click to view the Class Action Complaint for Violation of California Unfair Competition Law (Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code §§ 17200, et seq.), Violation of California Consumers Legal Remedies Act (Cal. Civ. Code §§ 1750, et seq.), and Declaratory Relief


Click to view the Honorable Joel R. Wohlfeil’s Order denying defendants’ attempt to dismiss the classes’ claims.


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